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I agree but you fail to realize a few things:
"When we can protect our borders" - shooter in Connecticut and Tuscon were U.S.citizens - you are erecting a strawman to make your point.

" eliminate drug gangs"- this might possibly reduce violence in general but has nothing to do with Tuscon,Fort hood, Ct

" and keep our own Government from supplying drug cartels with weapons,"
News articles were all over the place with this one. Fox in particular overestimated the amount of weapons involved. The number of weapons in the U.S. far outweighs the amount in that failed government program.
Of course our founding fathers wrote ALL the amendments based upon what they knew then -otherwise they would have abolished slavery then and given women the right to vote then. You see, the constitution is a living document, meant to be changed, and has been and will continue to be.
Again - I'm not calling for abolishing gun rights but here there is no need for anyone to own an assault rifle or 30 round clip. The argument that we need to have as much armament as the military is without merit as our government is not tyrannical and never has been.



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