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The Point

The point is, it is my RIGHT, as a law abiding citizen.
You can't trample my RIGHT, just cause somebody "thinks so".

The argument of Fort Hood, which was a terrorist act, gangs which are domestic terrorism are miles apart from MY Right to bare arms.

The decision who should own what is not anyone's to make. As far as tyranny goes, we will see if the DOD bill, which has been stripped of Americans right to trial by jury, and a trial by peers suspected, suspected of "terrorism", whatever the govt wants that to mean becomes the law or not.
And since " The number of weapons in the U.S. far outweighs the amount in that failed government program." tell that to the Family of The Border Patrol killed by a weapon this Govt allowed to flow to the cartels.

The founding fathers never saw human savages killing an innocent boy to get $10, a phone, and a sandwich.

Shall not be infringed period. Not one inch, ever.

Put police in the schools. There are hundreds of thousands of retired officers willing to volunteer, along with former servicemen and women. Someone was wrong to tell them it was safe in the first place. We all know criminals don't read signs, but the public feels secure, when that is a farce in this day and age.

As far as it being "a living document" America has seen the steady decline when the political winds shift, nothing is wrong, everybody has something they want, and willing to reduce others rights to get it.

I fear by the time Obama, Reid, And Pelosi are done and he gets to replace a Supreme Court Justice or two, the Constitution won't be readable at all, and it won't be fit to wipe an a@@ with.

I want my rights and freedom, all of them, now and forever.
But with those rights comes responsibility.

And finally, David Gregory of "meet the depressed". He may be charged for "possessing an extra high capacity magazine" in the District of Colombia when the capital police denied a request from NBC to do it. Possessing an empty magazine. There is where gun control will wind up.

An empty magazine, and someone pointing a finger.


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