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you know its real simple...when a black criminal is killed then the NAACP and Jesse Jackson hit the streets because its a hate crime and must be racially motivated.... but let a white woman be attacked in her home by a black man who beats her mercilessly and four blacks attack and kill a white man and we just ignore it ARE YOU KIDDING ME, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT...Trevon Martin was a dope smoking violent man who the twisted media promoted his picture when he was a 12 year old kid...instead of the grizzled 17 criminal that he was when he attacked Mr. Zimmerman SOMEONE HAS TO STAND UP TO THE NAACP AND CALL THEM ON THE CARPET...THEY ARE FUELING THE PROBLEM MAKING THEIR PEOPLE BLIND AND STUPID TO THIS NONSENSE. IF A BLACK KILLS A WHITE LETS CALL IT HATE CRIME AND LETS RIOT ....NO THAT WOULD BE OVER REACTING...THIS IS WHY MANY WHITES DO NOT TAKE MOST BLACKS SERIOUS...WAKE UP JESSIE JACKSON YOUR SON IS A FELON AND WAKE UP NAACP YOU ARE DUMBING DOWN THE PEOPLE YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE HELPING


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