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Criminal records ...

As far as the individuals with supposedly no criminal records ... that only means that they did not get caught, before now. Decent, law-abiding citizens do not normally hang around with ex-cons and felons who spend their time breaking and entering and robbing innocent people. As a taxpayer, I am disgusted that my hard-earned money is being used to fund these thugs' section 8 housing, while they roam the streets like a pack of wild dogs taking even more from society .. anything at all that they can get their greedy hands on. The Wilmington Housing Authority seriously needs to look at the applicant process and screen each individual for a demonstrated NEED for housing and a CLEAN background. Let people who truly need help and who at least know how to respect society get first dibs on housing. The deadbeats and thugs can go live in cardboard boxes in the park for all I care.


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