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response to criminal records.

There is no excuse for the death of this young but just because they have no background does not mean they were robbing and killing before. When you grow up with ppl who made the wrong decisions in life sometimes you don't judge them for there past and give them another chance in life when it comes to your friendship personally. The problem today is that everyone judges a person by its cover when in some cases that's not a bad idea cause some ppl never change, but in some cases ppl do. I am very sorry that this happen to this young man but Daniel is a good young man, he was peer pressured into something that he had no idea what was going on and the outcome. Also he was probably scared to say anything because the shooter had a record of doing crazy things. I think Daniel should not be charged with murder only because he is a young man who feels the hurt of the victims parents and that he is 17 yrs old with a misleading life


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