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This is why people in this

This is why people in this country have assault rifles with huge magazines. If you don't understand this consider yourself lucky, having obviuosly having never lived around people like this. Look at their eyes, empty, just don't get it. No impulse control, in need of immediate satisfaction, a complete lack of ability of forethought. If you have'nt lived or worked around people like this, do your best to keep it that way, you will probably live longer. $10.00 and he's dead. This is not an abberation, this is reality. Why is it that people from all over the world come to this country, and after 1 generation assimilate, prosper, and can speak proper english? See the the look on their faces, DUUHH, all of them. No sign of any brain activity there. They have ceased to evolve in any meaningful way a long, long time ago. Like truely crazy people who don't like to take their med's thinking theres nothing wrong with them, truely stupid people don't know they're stupid. They probably have 25 children betwen them, just like them, and on & on it goes. If this makes you angry or offended, feeling ashamed, etc, pack up & move to Chicago, or may'be detroit, how about St Louis, or maybe New Orleans, or ANY other major city in the US and see what is coming your way.


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