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We give you parks yall tear them up. we give you homes yall tear them up we pay for your food,cloths,hair,shoes,nails,cars etc,etc at some point yall have to start standing on your own. We are tired of supporting people who cant take care or dont appreciate what you have and always think we owe you more. So with that being said yall can find a job if you want one it may not be the best job but you can work if you want. Yall are brought up lying playing the system to get more welfare and foodstamps the more kids you have the more money you get. So when you get caught doing something wrong you try to lie your way out all 4 should rot in hell. The best thing that ever happened to blacks is they were slaves. you look around at the way black people act like idiots and no home training. their pants around their knees long dreads no bath slinging their arms like apes.


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