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The Second Amendment was

The Second Amendment was drafted at a time when civilian weaponry was comparable- or better- than arms issued to British troops. A comparison between the longer range, more accurate Kentucky rifle carried by colonials to the short range, less accurate British Brown Bess smooth bore musket comes to mind.

The intent was assurance that the citizenry would retain power in the case of a rouge government. While it doesn't guard against Newtowns and Columbines, it does prevent anything like the wholesale slaughter of Hitler's Germany, Stalin's USSR, or Mao's China from happening here. People presume America will always be secure because nothing like this has occurred during their lifetimes. History bears warning.

It was incorporated not by LACK of forethought by the Founders, but by PRESENCE of forethought. The world has not changed all that much. Freedom makes our country great, so why is placing limits on freedoms of law-abiding citizens always the answer?

Wrightsvillton, you get the "September 10th Award" for this thread. Informed and logical, indeed.


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