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The Berger solution

Let's be real. Berger's problems are beyond his ability to control. Although we have a right to feel frustration because of our lack of adequate governmental representation, we should also feel compassion for a person swimming in waters far beyond his ability in which to swim. The only practical solution is to wait him out until the end of his term. It is also past time however for the other elected commissioners to step up and move around Berger in an effort to efficiently govern NHC.

"We need to find a way to build a support system around him." said Commissioner Jonathan Barfield ..... Wrong. That time has come and gone. We need to isolate him from further positions of responsibility and wait him out.

"This type of behavior reflects very poorly on all of us" said new chairman Woody White..... Only if the NHC commissioners continue to allocate various positions of responsibility to him, such as the CFPUC board seat.

This is not rocket science. Don't pay for his trips (By the way, has he ever paid off his past due debts and if not why not?). Don't allow him to be in a position of governmental responsibility on any level outside of having a chair to sit on at the NHC Commission meetings. If he’s late or doesn’t show, just let it go. The clock will continue to tick regardless of his physical presence and eventually his tenure will come to an end.

If the other NHC Commissioners continue to waste more of our time and our potential treasure on Berger then perhaps we should start to hold THEM accountable for THEIR actions. Berger has personal problems ..... What would THEIR excuse be?


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