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A mistake admitted

I have buyer's remorse. Yes, though embarrassed to admit it, I voted for Berger, in part because of his party affiliation, and in part to oust old-time, ineffectual deadwood. (I've never voted straight ticket, and yet have learned a valuable lesson that everyone could learn from: Just because a person runs on a party ticket of preference, that is no mandate to vote for them. Decisions concerning best candidate run much, much deeper than that. Unfortunately, as indicated by recent elections, too many still insist on voting party, regardless of outcome. Again, I was wrong; I wish others would, could, come forward and state the same.

Regardless of my poor vote, I offer two opinions: 1) Brian Berger apparently has issues more deep than anyone can fathom or resolve and is not fit to hold a public office. 2) What part has the media played in this unraveling? WWAY & The Star News have gone to the extreme in their witch hunt of persecution. Perhaps the excessive, obsessive reporting has contributed to the man's unraveling? As the old saying goes, "If you're not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem."

Instead of jumping on the Berger-bash bandwagon, we citizens and the responsible media need to pursue positive, effective resolutions. If compassion is too much to expect anymore, what can we do that will conclude this ugly drama and be to the benefit of both Berger and the county?


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