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we elected him but

Brian Berger was elected because he was different. He said things to imply that he was for the “small guy”, the voter, he was beholding to no one special interest group, and that he was not part of the Wilmington cabal, or the local good ‘ol boy network.

We fell for that line in the hope that somehow Brian could change the board – give them a new outlook on things. What we didn’t see was the means by which Brian would thumb his nose at those groups. His public displays of lateness, violating a protective order, now a DWI show us that he’s not different, and that he’s somehow far less than the person we expected him to be. It’s OK to be different, but in a political forum, you can be different but you are still expected to maintain some degree of professional decorum in your dealings with fellow board members and other government employees, and the press and public.

Mr Berger’s transgressions in his personal life have now crossed that invisible line in the sand because now his personal issues are imputing that his professional judgment can now be called into question. This is a dangerous position to be in. Politically, he’s through – the question for Brian is does he make US wait till the next election to remove him, or does he choose what’s best for the voters and resign immediately? If he claims to be different, that he’s all about “us”, he will choose resignation to show us he’s got at least one shred of respectability left. If he chooses to stay and continues on the path of political self-destruction, he will sully his reputation, and that of the Board and the reputation of the voters as well who wished for him to be that “something different”. He obviously has no idea of the political damage he has caused for himself and the board.

Brian – get help, get “fixed”, get assistance, but more importantly, get OUT. Do it of your own accord – show us you’re capable of being helped.


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