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This feed is about Brian Berger

Elizabeth: you need to get over it. I am not even sure why you are arguing about Dr. Hickey here, except that you are so angry with yourself. If you wanted that domain name, you needed to pay for it. By not paying for it, the company that OWNED it sold it to someone else. People in this county disagreed with your politics. You said you were clear on your positions, but somehow many people heard different things come out of your mouth. You can't have it both ways. You were clear, or you weren't. Someone who was interested in making sure your positions were clear this time bought that domain name. That being the purpose, what other name for the domain would be MORE appropriate? And it was available, because you gave it up! That's not spite. That is resourcefulness. Guest 2013, you like to slam others for things you and yours are responsible for. But that is part of your problem. No accountability, tons of entitlement.
As for Brian, this is like watching a train crash. He is clearly having problems that go far beyond being "irresponsible." I hope he gets the help he needs.


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