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I'll try to use small words here.... that hopefully you can understand.

It's clear by your serious lack of proper grammar and correct spelling that intelligence is not something you have in abundance. Too bad, really, because it makes it impossible to take anything you write seriously when you can't even form a coherent sentence.

It's time for you to put down the crack pipe. I wrote hind PARTS, not hind points. Hind parts refer to that thing that YOU see staring back at you from your bathroom mirror - the buttocks.

Finally, your 3rd-grade education has obviously left you unable to comprehend even the simplest idioms. Countless as I used it means that there would be scores (the meaning of that word as used here is "a lot") of North Carolinians jumping for joy to see yankees and idiots leaving our state for good. So run along now, Dimwit...your bus is leaving.


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