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Assault rifle? 7.62 is the

Assault rifle? 7.62 is the NATO version of the .308 Winchester - one of the most popular hunting rounds in existence. You can go to Walmart and buy any number of .308 rifles that don't fit in the mis-labeled "assault rifle" category (Do you people even know what an assault rifle really is? Unless this guy used a select fire full auto or burst fire rifle which has been banned since 1986 he did NOT use an "assault rifle").

I understand this mother is in pain but her daughter would still be dead even if these weapons were banned. Crazy people are going to kill people no matter what is available. Had no "assault rifles" been available he would have used a pistol. Had that been banned he would have used a knife. Knives banned - baseball bat (and you want to talk about damage?). Rocks can kill as well - maybe we should ban them too? Point being this guy was deranged and was going to kill this girl no matter what he had to use. He would have thrown her off Snow's Cut if he had to.

Assault weapon bans don't solve the problem - they just change the weapon used. Maybe we should work on the root cause of the problem which is mental health and how it relates to privacy/slander instead of knee-jerk "feel good" legislation that doesn't change anything.


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