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First off, a ban will have

First off, a ban will have little to do with the millions of assault rifles already here. You can do a lot of damage with a large caliber hand gun, as well. Banning or more controls on firearms is not the answer. If someone wants to do harm, they will find a way. One thing few have thought of is the Second Amendment was put in place to help protect Americans should the government become oppressive. It gives them the right to bear arms to defend themselves. If Americans ever have to pick up arms against the government, an accurate, high-powered assault rifle will be a lot more effective than a .22 single shot rifle. We cannot afford to let mentally deranged shooters cause us to lose our only means of defense against intruders foreign and domestic. Every time a shooting occurs, rifle bans are the hot topic. The problem is the nut with the gun, not the gun, and this is what needs to be addressed.


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