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Bans won't work

Dear Ms. Naujoks,

First, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine this happening, much less happening to good people. Evil people do evil things.

I don't believe that an assault weapons ban would stop things like this from happening.

1. There are too many weapons being produced all over the world to keep them out of this country.
2. We have not been able to stop drugs (a leading cause of gun violence) from coming into this country. We cannot stop illegal border crossings either. We don't know who is coming across.
3. To be sure, firearms would be more expensive, but they wouldn't be unavailable.
4. We can't even keep our Government from assisting in the selling of guns to Mexican cartels.
5. Where would this ban end? Knowing the federal Government, it would not stop until every law abiding citizen was disarmed, and then only the criminals would have a gun. You only have to look to where gun violence is most prevalent, Chicago Ill. and New York NY, and other cities where the honest citizens have been disarmed, and thugs kill someone everyday.

Again, there was an unarmed young man killed in this city only a few days ago. He was killed for a cell phone, $10, and a sandwich. When human life is valued by some to be so cheap, everyone should sound off. I respect your right to express your opinion, and your story.

We need to find REAL solutions to the problems we are seeing in society. I can't help but feel is there had been 1 or 2 teachers armed in the school it might have made a huge difference. One thing I'm sure of, everyone being unarmed did not deter the school shooter.
There was a sign that said "No Guns". It's exactly what he and other deranged people look for. Only law abiding citizens would and do heed the signs. Police are set up to react, when called.
It took many, many minutes for them to reach the school when the call went out.

I don't know the percentage of gun stores that are robbed during business hours. I would expect it to be very low, due to the fact of the owners being armed and trained to protect themselves. This I feel is probably the only real solution.

In this age of computers, there should have been a hold on any firearm purchases by John Peck immediately. The min a protective order is obtained, a statewide database would keep this from happening. And it could be for 30 days until it is heard in a court.

And finally, I think that there should be a expedited process that gives the victims access to training and, if there is need, streamlined purchase options for victims (background checks, concealed carry classes etc) to give individuals time to learn how to protect themselves from people like Mr. Peck.

I know I'm going to take alot of heat for this post. But it is nothing compared to your loss, and society's loss of such a wonderful
person ready to improve the world.

I hope that everyone can work to find a true solution, and one that respects the rights of everyone.


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