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I am absolutely shocked at WWAY TV3

I never thought that you would join the larger media in abandoning journalism and adopting advocacy.

Despite our own personal losses (I too have lost someone to gunfire), we cannot abandon reason and adopt feel-good legislation that is technically nonsensical. Semi-automatic firearms have been with us for well over one-hundred years. They are not machine guns, as many so-called experts are pontificating about on network news. They simply load another round and eliminate the need to cycle a level or a bolt to prepare for a second shot.

Exactly what does Ms. Naujoks think would have happened had her daughter been shot with a .30-30 round from a lever action rifle? Are those bullets somehow less deadly? The idea that a 7.62x39mm round is deadlier than any other centerfire rifle round is ludicrous.

The entire discussion surrounding "assault weapons" is equally ludicrous. It is dominated by people who are technically ignorant of both firearms and ballistics. We already had the federal assault weapons ban that highlighted the idiocy of their efforts. The AR-15 was banned because it had a black stock, flash suppressor, and pistol grip, the Mini-14 was legal because it had a traditional wooden rifle stock. Both rifles accepted box magazines and fired .223 ammunition. Colt simply removed the flash suppressor and it suddenly wasn't an assault rifle.

As far as "high-capacity magazines" let me assure you that the difference between firing thirty rounds from one magazine and thirty rounds from three magazines is less than four seconds to anyone who is trained or has even practiced.

In closing, let me point out how UNQUALIFIED people should not try to design or even report on firearms legislation. In your report you mention Virginia Tech. Seung-Hui Cho did not use a dreaded, deadly "assault weapon" in the Virginia Tech massacre. He used two handguns. But hey, if it plays well in a video report and accomplishes your goal, who cares if it's true or accurate?

The fact that the media is now gladly mixing handguns with assault rifles with machine guns is clearly indicative that this in nothing less than a step-by-step effort to leave Americans with nothing but single-shot rimfires or shotguns, while claiming, "See? You still have your constitutional rights."

Shame on WWAY for joining in the nationwide marketing campaign. I thought you were better, but I was obviously wrong.


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