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Assault rifles are different critters
The problem is NOT with the gun NOR is it with the "nut" that fired it.
Gun owners who do not secure their weapons are allowing for un-intended use of those weapons which is exactly what happened in Ct.
This woman and her "ex" were avid shooters - good for them.
But knowing they had an unstable kid in the house should have set off alarm bells - BIG ALARM BELLS - THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. Heck they taught this unstable kid how to USE the weapon.
Misguided parents - thinking this couldn't happen. According to some news yesterday the mother was pursuing guardianship so that she could commit the kid for treatment, with or without consent from the kid.
He's THAT bad and you have weapons that can cause THIS much damage in your home?
This is totally irresponsible gun ownership if you ask me.
It has nothing to do with the second amendment
It has nothing to do with hunting or target rifles
It has everything to do with responsibility ad the lack thereof.

Sorry all of us gun owners - we brought this on ourselves. WE made it too easy to own weapons that can cause this much carnage under the false guise of protecting ourselves against a tyrannical form of government that we don't have. The tyranny we fear is in our heads. We are erecting strawman arguments to justify an unnecessary level of firepower for the general population.



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