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Just watched the Naujok case

Just watched the Naujok case on an episode of 'Stalked'. As a mother I am heartbroken for Christen Naujok's mother - and I am equally outraged by her ignorance. This case had homicide written all over it and from very early on. When the father of the perp admits he can no longer control his son's behavior and urges Naujok to get a protective order, that might be your first clue. I won't even touch on the escalating physical violence towards her or the maiming & killing of his personal pets. She knew he was still stalking her. Her mother told her to give the "system a chance" knowing FULL well what all the perp had done leading up to the murder. If anyone finds themselves or their child in a stalking situation - RUN, not walk, to your local armory. Purchase a firearm & learn how to use it. It is your only fighting chance. The fact this mother now wants gun control (as if that would have made a difference) is actually unforgivable. It lacks all logic and reasoning.


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