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Whoever you are... You

Whoever you are...
You don't have the right mind set.
You just said that police should be worring about
Getting the ghetto out of Wilmington, but who are you judge someone?
You don't know where they came from or lived so its those like you that are the first to stereotype.
Considering that I know that one person that was involved with this, doesn't live in the "ghetto" you should stop being the one to steriotype. I'll pray that god helps you with your stereotyping problem.
Yes it's your opinion to think if something is wrong but it's not your right to steriotype someone
If you do not know that person. Have you heard that saying"don't judge a book by its cover"
Well if you don't know exactly what was going through someone's mind you have not no one else has a right
To judge one, if. You do not know them then do not judge them, you are supposed to learn that in elementary school.
Yes one person had done extremly wrong in this group. And since others were associated with them
Then yes they do deserve a small punishment, although
As Daniel said, he cannot control someone else's actions. And that is the truth! So he shouldn't get charged for 1st degree murder. He didn't pull the trigger he was just around someone who was out to hurt someone else.
He did not pull the trigger and wasnt there to stand I front of the bullet, he had no control on what went on in That mans head before he pulled the trigger. I feel as if you are one to judge someone so quickly others should judge
You as fast as you judge others to show you how it feels to be judged. So don't be so judge mental if you don't know someone personally.


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