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Felons with guns

The police do clean it out and the people we have placed in power let them right back out over and over.

Do to this tragic loss in Ct we are now talking about exactly the wrong kind of gun control.
In 2011 there were 12,000 murders!
About 8,000 but handguns. In 2005, 75% of the 10,100 homicides committed using firearms in the United States were committed using handguns, compared to 4% with rifles, 5% with shotguns, and the rest with a type of firearm not specified.
most murders are not committed by previously law-abiding citizens either going berserk, or because a gun was handy during a moment of uncontrollable rage: suddenly "blow-away" their spouse, friend, neighbor, acquaintance, or all four.

Studies conducted at both the local and national level indicate the overwhelming majority of murders are committed by people with previous criminal records. Even a significant percentage of homicide victims themselves have criminal records.

We know most murders and committed by prior felons with handguns just like this man.
My question is why are we going after long guns and not trying to do anything against prior felons with handguns?

How about 20 years no parole for a felon caught with a gun?
30 if he is using it in a crime.


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