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Glorification of Violence

I just got back from Josh Proutey's service to read these comments.It was a lovely service that no parent should ever have to go through. There were eulogies read, tears shed, and a beautiful song sung by Josh's coworkers (all African Americans) that was truly touching. Towards the end of the service, Josh's uncle pleaded for peace and not anger, to walk away from the feelings of retribution that so many of these senseless crimes engender. However, all of the people that perpetrated this crime, SHOULD BE PUNISHED to the full extent of the law! Each one of them made the decision to act as a group and commit this crime. Each one of the perpetrators knew full well that Quintel Grady, as an ex-felon was carrying a loaded handgun. Each one of the perpetrators had already tried to victimize another person 20 minutes before Josh Proutey was selected as the next victim. After their first victim escaped to safety, any one of the perpetrators could have changed their minds about committing a crime, but they did not. They chose to continue with their violence, and to escalate it further, a decision that resulted in the death of an innocent young man. Start taking responsibilities for your actions, and stop blaming other people for your personal moral failings and bad decisions. Josh was going to school to improve his life. Any one of the perpetrators could have easily done the same with their lives. It doesn't take much to get some work and go to community college if you try. There's plenty of people that have come from disadvantaged backgrounds that do just that. No, what they chose to do, was to take the easy way out. I know plenty of good people who come from nothing, and are law-abiding citizens who have worked for everything they have. The difference with these perpetrators is that they chose to become enmeshed in a culture of violence where despicable acts have become a "right of passage" for far too many people. Their world for them, glorifies violence, and mocks morality. If the perpetrators were there during the cold-blooded murder of a young man, then they are complicit in the conspiracy of robbery and murder. It's as simple as that. As simple as the choices you make in life, and the people you choose to be around. May justice be served in this case for Josh Proutey and his family.


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