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Whoever I am... I am a concerned citizen of this city.

They SHOULD ALL be punished at the highest level. Don't judge them you say, I am suppose to learn that in elementary school. Well, don't know where you went or is you went to school but where I went I was taught right from wrong. Only an uneducated person would say the things you said. Just because the losers didn't "pull the trigger" doesn't mean they are not GUILTY. They were there, they wanted to rob someone, that's all it takes.... I have never been in that situation, oh, you ask why.... well, because I knew better, I knew not to rob people, hang out with people that rob others, or hang out with people that carry loaded guns. Uneducated and Ignorant.

Oh, by the way.... I don't care what was going through his mind at the time, any of them. I hope the state doesn't care either. There is NO EXCUSE for this crap.

What THEY (all of them) did was wrong and I hope they pay.


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