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Bad Decisions

I dont know henry, cromatrie, grady, or dottin personally so i cant comment on their hearts and their secret thoughts. Really..none of us can because we are not God. They are surely responsible (directly and/or indirectly) for a young man's death..a senseless murder.

These young folks have made the worst decision they can possible make. Their decision has plunged the Ploutey family into the ultimate sorrow, and their own families into shame, embarassment, sorrow, and despair. They have no earthly idea about the reality of this situation, the anger they face from the community, and the prison time they are facing. But, most importantly, these young folks will never forget the events surrounding that night..the moment Joshua Proutey was shot, how he collapsed right before their eyes, and the blood shed.

My point, where are the programs for these youth..the mentoring programs. Barfield, Cheatham, and other prominent black men in this city need to GET OFF THEIR BUTTS AND DO SOMETHING. Is it their job..yes it it! Every time you turn around, some of them are at some ribbon-cutting ceremony smiling for the camera. Mentor these kids, start an organization like 100 Black Men. These programs are invaluable in other cities, they offer their expertise to help direct the lives of the younger generation.


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