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After reading these comments

After reading these comments shows how ignorant some people can be. I dont think that making racist comments is going to change things at all. All i have read is that white people have money,white people work hard, or blacks are thugs. But lets just keep it real right now. There are black people who are more wealthy then whites there are blacks that work hard, there are blacks that get robbed and killed for stupid stuff. So to judge all blacks on a couple of black kids wrong doing is not right. The sad part is when a black man kill a white man they get all sorts of nasty comments about them, their ghetto,thugs, came from a broken up home. Now lets turn the table what about the whites shooting up the schools,killing innocent kids, robbing people now what are they just in the last couple of days it was 3 white boys on the news for sending threats to a school bout shooting it up, now are they thugs,gansters. I guess not because they are white. It just kills me to hear this nonsense, and for anyone to say HANG THEM WHAT THE HELL THIS IS NOT SLAVERY DAYS, SO WHAT IS THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT THE WHITE MAN THAT SHOT UP THE MOVIES CAN THEY HANG HIM TO OR NO CAUSE HE'S WHITE THEY NOT GIVING HIM LIFE THEY SAY HE HAD A MENTAL ILLNESS WHAT THE HELL WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE YOU TELL ME. NOW BEFORE U JUDGE BLACKS LOOK AT THE WHITES CRIMES AND ASK YOURSELF ARE THEY THUGS AND GANSTAS.


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