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My little sister

Im not going to listen to a word anyone has to say about my younger sister, Jasmine Dottin. My tiny little family is grieving for her, and my heart breaks every time I read what people on the internet have to say about her because of her race but I know her better than anyone. She is not a thug. Nor a gangster or a murderer. My sister needs to be taught a lesson for robbery, but sentencing her to life in prison, with no bail and the death penalty is unspeakable.
Daniel Henry was my sisters boyfriend and has influenced her to do wrong since they met. These guys took advantage of the fact that Jasmine had a car. They used her. My sister never even hangs out with people like this. She's the one that was with the wrong people at the wrong time. And if I never get to see her again...or spend time with her the way I have all my life, I'll never be the same again. She doesn't need to be pinned with first degree murder.
And as my boyfriend said, I wish you would let people see her side of the story. How can you not be curious about the only female in a group of thugs? That's not fair. Cromarte Jr. is lying about things, cussing, and laughing in his interview. What kind of crap is that? No remorse... yet he got my sister into the worse possible situation. He is the murderer. He's the one that bought and fired that gun.
Lets get real...


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