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Amen.....An eye for an

Amen.....An eye for an eye.Those men went around that night looking for trouble. Even the one they talked to in the jail. If you didn't want to do anything bad that night, YOU should have been home. How can you all call yourselves friends? Don't even get me started with the old passage "where were these boys parents at?" As a parent I am tired of being blamed for what these kids are doing to each other today. I blame T.V., schools, community, and the leaders of this nation. You took God out of schools where these kids are 6 hours in a day. Look what was replaced....Thugs!!! I for one am moving my family out of the city and we are going to the country. Wilmington in particular has become a nasty place to live in my opinion. I am going to own land and put up a fence and stand on the other side of it and dare someone to come across. I will be armed. Let the leaders try and take away my right to bare arms!!!! GOD bless America!!!!!


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