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More Safes

How about our justice system starts enforcing the laws that are on the books now? or how about our country starts taking appropriate care of the mentally Ill? Or we could wrap everyone and everything in bubble wrap, plant lollipop trees and pave the roads in yellow bricks.

It's a shame that so much of America lives in their own little mirocasm and does not realize that there are some people that are just BAD and no matter what we do there is no rehabilitating or fixing them!

It sickens me to watch this happen over and over again. What kind of thought train is "I need some money so I will go rob someone?

Their parents and peers set the examples for them. These are the same parents who never try to better themselves. Who even take money form their children's drug dealings to live off of.

Then when an innocent law abiding citizen is victimized and ends up shooting these thugs all you see and hear is "My Baby My Baby he would never hurt anyone"! Then it turns out their baby had a gun in their pocket and has been robbing and hurting people for years.

I say fry those scum and allow honest law abiding citizens to protect ourselves. The police can't be everywhere.


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