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Deputies in Every School

Rather than have a deputy in every school, might it not be better to deputize 10 teachers/administrators (number would vary) in every school who would receive specialized gun and security training from the New Hanover County Sheriff's office? In addition to this, the Sheriff's Department would have a specially designated/trained team that is always on call for immediate dispatch to schools in an emergency and would co-train with the school deputies on a regular basis. The school personnel would receive a stipend for their special duty from the Sheriff's department. I would at least float this idea with NHCS teachers/administrators and the sheriff's department to get their feedback.

Unfortunately, one armed deputy at each school probably would not prevent a Sandy Hook school type event.

I happened to be at my son's elementary school during a lock down 5 years ago and was in his kindergarten classroom. The children were terrified by this exercise, especially when the police rattled the door trying to get in/making sure it was locked. I think that the Board of Education needs to clearly communicate what a lock down drill is all about so that parent's know what their kids go through. Advocating for safety is one thing, but let's not terrify our children in the process.


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