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I can agree with this to a point however where would a teacher conceal his or more importantly her weapon? A purse in a desk does no good. An unlocked purse leads to potential student access. The FBI Studied this years ago and determined that womens weapons are harder to conceal. Men typically wear jackets...
Also - there's no psychological testing done for teachers - they are susceptible to the same disorders as any person is- think about the teachers that have affairs with students or those that are depressed or suffer anxiety?????
Finally according to most reports - the Principle and school psychologist ran towards the shooter to try to stop him - the teachers hid in closets with their students. Behind a door with kids is no place to have a weapon - especially when a rifle that powerful could shoot through that door easily.
An officer and pass throuugh metal detector might be good enough.
But remember this situation in Ct - the shooter had the element of surprise and that would negate any weapons in someones holster. He also had enough firepower to shoot through doors and walls. That rifle has a muzzle velocity of about 3,000 ft/sec. Than hand guns 1100 ft/sec.

The situation in Ct was another in a long line of incidents where irresponsible gun owners lead to people getting access to guns that shouldn't have been able to........or where people who shouldn't be able to buy have bought them.



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