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Vog, you're off the mark on this one...

There are many ways to obscure a concealed weapon. It doesn't necessarily have to be on the person, simply accessible. There are many ways to successfully accomplish this.

The principle and the psychologist BRAVELY ran toward the shooter to stop him, even wthout any formitable defense! If they had've had a weapon and training, they most likey could've stopped it right then and there! ANYONE without protection will tend to hide from a gunman, that's called self-presrervation. Put a weapon in their hands, teach them how to use it and they come out from behind that closet with the authority they need to halt the emergency right then.

Psychological testing is not required for LEO's to maintain a weapon and/or the responsible holders of the CCP either. Research into the applicants backgound includes any sort of admission to a state mental facility. Of all people to point out, do you really believe that LEO's are incapable of anxiety or depression? Hardly!

The firepower of a weapon can easily be overcome with the skill of an opposing shooter! It is highly unlikely that 20 year old punk could hold a hat to someone trained to take him out. I'd rather be missed by a 30.06, than hit with a .22 cal. any day of the week!

Lastly, with the Conn. incident, the biggest area of irrensponsibility in addition to inadvertant weapon access, was the mothers fear of labeling her son's mental condition. He needed treatment...she avoided it. Happens all the time. THAT is what needs to come to a stop!!!


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