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In your post the first subject was women's purses in a desk.

There are low cost gun safes that operate with fingerprint technology, allowing entry only to the person that has programmed his fingerprint into the safe. Cost $200 to $600. Secure permanent installation costs would be comparable.

Second, "there's no psychological testing done for teachers", this is true.

However, a deranged teacher could easily transport a weapon into a classroom, even with a resource officer, and a metal detector. I've personally seen this done by people at the courthouse where it is supposed to be an exit, but people use it as an entrance. They just wait for the door to be opened.

Third, " the teachers hid in closets with their students. Behind a door with kids is no place to have a weapon - especially when a rifle that powerful could shoot through that door easily".

I would think that anyone, facing an intruder, would rather have some defense, rather than none. We have seen the results of "no defense", but there are news accounts every week, of a concealed carry, or armed homeowner defending themselves and others successfully because they have relied on themselves for protection rather than wait 10 mins for help to arrive.

Finally, the fact that once the shooter saw officers, he committed suicide rather than be taken alive.

These cowards that prey on children are no match for a determined gun owner, that has been properly trained. Resistance is not futile, but you have to resist.

Also, the fact that resistance would buy time, which is the second most important factor, for law enforcement to arrive and intervene, would have saved lives at that particular school.

It is a complicated problem. But as US Senator Barbara Boxer stated "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in, I would have done it".

And there lies the problem. Make no mistake, a ban on semi-automatics which contain rifles and handguns, would be a stepping stone away from total gun bans. Her own words prove it. School protection can be accomplished without infringing on the 2nd amendment and the rights of others.

And it can be accomplished without millions and millions of dollars.
And it can be done safely, and with common sense.


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