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If the weapon is not on the person but accessible it's then accessible to the students - not a good situation. Concealment by a woman is possible but harder.
I agree the principle and psychologist were brave - hell they are hero's in my mind but to run towards an assault weapon with a hand gun is not such a smart idea - it would take years of training for any Principle male or female to achieve that level of weapons accuracy. Been there, done that.
Remember the shooter didn't say anything to anyone he had the element of surprise - with an assault rifle. He didn't have to be a good shot. But a teacher with a hand gun AGAINST an assault rifle? Sorry that teacher loses 99% of the time. And the level of training YOU are talking about takes years and years to reach and these folks already have full time jobs.
LEOs are monitored by their Superiors for stress in most LE agencies especially the big ones. In Ct they probably weren't but then again teachers aren't monitored at all. Want one of them to put his gun to his head in front of the children? Nah didn't think so.
I agree the Mother was irresponsible with those guns. She should not have had THAT MANY in that house - the more you have the bigger the potential carnage will be - she proved that to be true.
I'm beginning to think that an LEO in the school is a good idea when school is out you have an extra officer for patrolling and I have no problem with that. I would also add walk through metal detectors at entrances, to take some pressure off the LEO.
But arming a teacher is a bad idea because they will not reach the level of proficiency needed for years - so put that LEO there. A uniform is also a great deterrent.



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