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God Bless

Although this appears to be an isolated incident, the community as well as the county should have known about this...they should know that people are in the midst of them that could commit such a gruesome crime. It's just like having a serial killer next door and the people that should be warning you, keep it a secret. I hope it not because of who it was or where it happened. I don't know and don't really care to know why in the world they felt that this was necessary. NOONE deserves to have this done to them. GOD BLESS THOSE POOR CHILDREN AND THE MOTHER AND EVEN THE FATHER...I don't really think that people understand what they are getting themselves into these days. Young women wake up...this could happen to any one of us who is dealing with these types of dudes (wanna-be-thugs, drug dealers, bums that don't want to work a real job) Be careful who you deal with and have around your children. I never would have thought that these guys were capable of being so cruel. ALL GOD'S PEOPLE ARE EQUAL, UNFORTUNATELY NOT EVERYONE FEELS THE SAME


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