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It's called "Terrorizing", Einstein!

In light of the very recent events of violence and murder, this sort of behavior serves NO other purpose that to incite fear and panic! There's nothung funny about it, nothing cutsie and absolutely nothing innocent about it! NOTHING can be taken for granted these days, especially knowing there are walking teenage mental cases out there that nobody addresses, just walking around waiting to explode.
Damn right he needs to be charged and he had better learn a good lesson, very quickly! Otherwise he'll wind up being a loser jack-ass like yourself that thinks it's funny to walk into and airport terminal and yell "BOMB!".

Wake up and get a life! Things are changing quickly in this world and we have to be able to adapt quickly! Apathetic attitudes that make sarchastic mockery of reality are along the very same immature and out-of-place behavior patterns this student just displayed!


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