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punishments should fit the crime

I had a friend in high school that experienced a very very similar situation. As a joke, he mentioned something about violence at the school, was overheard, suspended for 10 days, and it was put on his permanent record. Did this teach him anything? Probably not, just put him way behind in classes he actually took seriously. My point sounds like this kid made a dumb mistake and he obviously (like many young adults) wasn't affected by last weeks event in CT like alot, most, of us were. So instead of "ruining his life", why not give him some perspective; have him read to an elementary school class every week for the rest of the school year, make him volunteer at an afterschool program or boys and girls club til he graduates. It would teach him a lesson and maybe help facilitate the growth of a productive citizen and caring person, which is ultimately what we need to do right? Teach our kids how to care? Just a thought. As a young mom of a kid about to start kindergarten next year, it is sad to know that kids think mimicking this type of violence is is NOT funny.


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