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You people are ridiculous. There have been rumors all week. From red necks shooting the school to other schools coming to Ashley to and shooting it. Dylan is the nicest most wisest guy I know. I know for fact he would never do any of this. Sure his beliefs of "the end of the world" may be known but doens't or shouldnt be made a big deal of what has happened today. Dylan has a good heart and it's the cruel children that attend school that made this a big issue. He has his own opinions to whether he thinks the world will end or not. This does not mean we should have ridiculed him and blamed him for the chidlren who really started this commotion. Dylan did his senior project on Bullying and was strongly against it. What are you people doing now? You're bullying him, making up information that is not accurate. It is wrong. And as someone who knows he would not do this, people should be ashamed of themselves. Sure security has to be up tight due to the fact of the shooting last friday but we do not need to start point fingers and people who have done nothing. this is so wrong.


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