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Is that right Hayley? At

Is that right Hayley? At this moment I am REALLY hoping you're not one of the people my sons consider a "friend" at school. You know for a FACT he "wouldn't do anything like this"? Yet he was crass enough to start a "rumor", involving how many other people, after the entire country has been horrified over the deaths of all those children in CT? "WISE" people don't make decisions like that, EVER! And before your tiny "teenage" arguments come up let me just say: HE ADMITTED IT!!!
If you're convinced that this kid is soooo wonderful why don't YOU step up, go the the school administration and tell them who REALLY started the rumor? You'll speak out here in defense of your "friend" but you won't set yourself up to be known as a "rat" to defend him in front of the "popular" kids at school will you? Why not? Because you'll have to do it somewhere you can't hide? Here it's easy, in school? LOL, not many kids have the guts.
If he's so stable that he wouldn't "do any of this" why are you compelled to defend his "end of the world" stance? Maybe it's a little.....much? Maybe his "outlook" is a little sick?
I'm guessing his senior project didn't teach him much now did it? Wouldn't you think that anyone who has lost a child to a sick, demented murderer feels bullied? Don't you think a 6 year old kid with a gun in his/her face feels bullied?
Here's hoping you WAKE UP before leaving high school. Unfortunately, with comments like "shouldn't be made a big deal of what has happened today", I don't think you'll never get it.


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