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Do we have all the facts?

I have a daughter that goes to Ashley and she is deeply saddened and at a loss for words by everyone's actions first and foremost Dylan's. But what is hurting her most right now is reading the derogatory comments made in reference to this article. Let me tell you how I first became aware of what a truly kind young man Dylan can be. I work at the other end of the county and my daughter has after school activities that usually end around 4:30 pm. I am unable to pick her up until close to 6pm. Dylan has stayed with her so she doesn't have to be alone, which had he not been there she would have been waiting on her own. I Thank him for this kindness. Why is it that we are so quick to judge and condemn everyone, do you all truly believe everyone is evil? Yes his comments were blatantly stupid, and as someone pointed out earlier, if we were not still mourning the losses in CT we probably wouldn't be commenting here. Yes I believe he needs to learn a lesson and there should be consequences. We once again have the media to thank for making certain his name and picture are both out there for the world to see. He is not a common criminal, he is a teenager that certainly doesn't have any common sense. I am saddened by people in general that feel they have the right to be judge and jury.


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