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Just so you know I am close to this family and I am shocked and appalled at how some of this was handled with the school. People are cruel and making comments but since when do you question a young person and do so for 2 hours with a sherriff present and not inform him of his rights, do not contact his parents, nor realize that many students have been talking about this then tell the student if he just admits it he can go back to class. I am totally aware that we as a nation are sensitive to this subject matter due to the events in CT last week but serously this is one where if the school did nothing they would be in trouble they have questioned and bullied him into this. Scared him out of his mind. The kid wouldn't hurt a fly and unlike a lot of young people his parents are very involved and trust me they know their son. So those that want to say cruel things do not have the facts and trust me they will be coming and so will many other things. It just amzes me that their was no common sense if it can happen to Merten it can happen to any child. Protect our child by all means but this action here is way over the line with this student I call BS! It is nice to see someone on here trying to be rational which is more than what the head staff member did when he took his action. I can't imagine the job he has is easy but this is just wrong. A rumor is only a rumor if repeated if that is the case half the scholl should be sent home! Suspend I can see but to have him arrested just boggles the mind.


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