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some of you are in La La land defending this 17 yr old & saying he is just a kid who made a joke in poor taste. He's so kind etc.
what is wrong with you?? This 17 yr old admitted he said someone was going to shoot up the school Friday!!! What is a joke about that?? Maybe you have missed the news where "highly intelligent, quiet" 20 yr old Just shot up a school last friday!!!!! of babies 6-7. 20 of them. was that a joke to you?

There is nothing funny about thsi teen saying the school is getting shot up tomorrow. Now a huge number of parents and students are scared to go to their half day of school before their much looked forward to winter vacation. They are staying home scared & will be wondering all day if any of their friends will get killed that day.

This school shooting is one of the most shocking, heart breaking things rithg here at Christmas that I have ever heard.
There definately is something wrong mentally with this teen to start such a horrible threat towards the school.

He needs to be mentally evaluated! that's what we are asking for, is from now on get the mentally ill help before they kill our families. so do it!!!

It had to be in his mind in order for him to speak it out loud!! Look at his photo, he has that glazed, unfocused look in his eyes like the other shooter.


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