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I am not a child and if you

I am not a child and if you had been there and met with the family today you would know some other facts. What he admitted to is not being reported correctly so please wait and see facts will be coming forth. However the school has to take action. There are always 2 sides to a story. This country has been on edge and very saddened for over a week with the situation in CT. I am glad the school looked into this they should have but they should have also called the parents in and or advised him of his rights while he was being yelled at for 2 hours. Half the student body should be suspended by now for all where talking about it and no Merten didn't start the rumor that will be coming out but he did admit talking about it with other students and how stupid people were being that something like that shouldn't be discussed. So just stay tuned fact will emerge but people should also watch what they say. This is a sensitive subject and rightfully so. I smile when I read your comments about making a teenage argument some of those just make me roll my eyes sometimes. Your right they do not want to be the rat but they through a boulder of BS when they can and not one person thinking about what it does to one that didn't say or do something and then that leaves the doubt of if we do nothing we are wrong. This young man is being made an example of after many others were reported to the office and the told him "Admit you did it and you can go back to class" that is wrong!


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