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Ashley Student Arrested

As a parent of a current Ashley student, let me say, I'm glad this kid got arrested. My child has been scared to go to school this week, especially today and tomorrow. She or any other child should never have to be scared to go to school. Period! I do not know this young man and I've read the post here about him and his actions. However, the fact remains, he made a threat on over 600 students and staff. In this evil world we live today, one cannot simply say, Oh, it was just a joke and it be okay - especially the week after such a tragic day in CT and a week that we are watching so many funerals taking place each day as a result from that tragic day a week ago now. Should this kid, Dylan, be thrown in prison for life, no, but what has happened is exactly the correct action that he should face. He deserves the arrest and he will get his day in court. I only hope this will serve as a good lesson to this young man, that he will think good and hard about his actions. This Dylan is not the only one affected by his actions. I as a parent have been very concerned of my child's safety this week, along with my whole family. What happened in CT has been my biggest nightmare for years, and for this Dylan to commit such a act of making threats, or rumors of threats to my child and all the students and staff at AHS, yes, he deserves what he has got, and I hope the judge will punish this child in a way that he learns and understands the full amount of grief and concern his actions have caused our community this week.

Concerned Parent of AHS Student


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