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Your fear is shared by many parents and students...

...and unfortunately, this was Dylans goal in spreading such a threatening rumor. He wanted a few extra days on break. He's going to get them now, likely through suspension.

There are people here supporting Dylan and stating this has gone overboard. "He's just a kid...", "The school is BS...", "Dylan is a great guy...", "Dylan wouldn't hurt a fly...". Had his proposed scenario occurred, these kids wouldn't be so quick to call thier "BS" comments and state that the school officials have gone overboard. They would be in a state of absolute shock and dismay, not unlike the souls that survived the Columbine and Sandy Hook mass shootings. They would be haunted with visions of their murdered schoolmates, burned forever in their minds without relief. Situations like this cannot be taken lightly or ignored. It's an unfortunate fact that some of these threats come to a grim reality.

My biggest hope through this situation is that the other students realize the impact of Dylans behavior, the seriousness and the fear this kind of action strikes in peoples hearts. I hope these comments that disparage the school officials and law enforcement just aren't thought through very well as a knee-jerk reaction. If not, we will encounter more young idiots that have no regard for their school, their parents and their fellow students. That's the shame, disgrace and reputation that Dylan has brought upon himself. I just hope there aren't other student that want to share that with Dylan.


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