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it does matter if he is a good person or not

It does not matter if he is a good person or not. It was threat to the school it had over half of the students saying " where is he gonna start shooting at in the lunch room where a quarter of the stundents will be" a friend of mine said. He may be a good student and son but the fact is there has been numerous shootings in the last few years including all of the people wounded and killed at sandy hook elementry school the students,staff and teachers. The wound was still open and still is that no good person 29 people lives and not saying the people who were not hurt they will emotional scared forever they are scared to go to sleep at night because of him, i don't say this a lot but iam glad he is dead. I am sorry for his family although he took his mothers life also. I think and this is my opioion i think he should be made to go to juvinal hall and made to classes for this rage he has aginst society whether it was because the world was gonna end that is a bs excuse and sould not be aloud to set foot on any school grounds ever again whether he has children in the future or not. I know this may sound harsh but it is what i feel and no one on this site will tellme otherwise the way i see it is he has had this in the back of his mind the whole time and just waiting for the perfect time to release it and see it spread like wildfire yes and no one can change my mind although i did not go to school on friday it was senior skip day for the seniors who had senior project and that was my excuse for not going to school friday for winter break.


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