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A friend who is" wise"

No one is blaming Dylan for the CT shootings it was New Jersey native. Now he mightbe a great person,son,student but that is what he wants you to see. Dylan is a sick person and needs help. I am not saying he is not a good person but he has to have a pretty twisted mind to set his plan into motion and when was being arressted he was laughing the whole time and when he was being questioned he was still laughing. He was laughing at the police officers asking him questions about the hoax!! There is not one school shooting in world that has every been ok so why would a hoax be ok?!? Well i am not judgeing or bullying as some people say were doing on here but i am only saying he needs help,and giving him a $1,000 bond and saying come to court on feburary ,6 2013 says oh were gonna realese you to public and do what you want just do not kill anyone but irs ok to start a hoax. Really thats a wise " friend" i hope they put him away so he can get help. Sorry if i hurt your feelings.


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