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Be prepared for anything....

I echo the reply of another commentor BE PREPARED when you are out alone, in a non populated area, day or night - don't leave yourself open to be taken over by someone with criminal intent. This goes for Wilmington or anywhere on this earth!

I work late nights at a large company in Wilmington, the parking lot is huge - when I walk out the door I have my keys in one hand,
my cell phone in the other and act like I'm talking on it even it I am not actually speaking with someone - this also will deter a criminal. I am lucky the security staff at my workplace are monitoring the parking lot on a multi view camera, but this still isn't enough for me to feel completely safe.

I feel so much for the mom of Josh and all the friends & others who knew him. Such a senseless way to lose your life! The creature that murdered him is just that - a creature in human skin. Have you seen Cromartie's mug shot? Look at it, soul-less eyes, defiant stare - so much like all the other murderers photos I've seen. I am in fear of my young daughter's life as she prepares to go to college next year, I am almost prepared to buy her a gun as much as I abhor them, just to give her a fighting chance against creatures such as Cromartie. So sad.

In light of the babies and school staff that also lost their lives to bullets, I sincerely hope that the US moves forward to stop the sale of automatic weapons and large clips to ordinary citizens. Of course there will still be guns such as the ones that killed Josh but at least the worst of the weapons would be off limits.


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