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Time for people to live in reality

I'm all for the armed officers in schools if you want to fund it for peace of mind purposes... However here in the real world an armed officer or even two of them can do little to extinguish the threat of a mass shooting in a school. Look at the size of some of the high schools in the country... Some have 5,000 students... how are one or two armed officers going to protect even 5% of the student body? Also look at the scope of the layouts of schools... How lucky should we be that an individual with a assault rifle busting into a school would just happen to bust in right in front of the armed officer... Truth is these individuals have carefully and methodically planned their attack. They know where their threats are, and many knowing they won't make it out alive simply won't care that after killing a few people that an armed officer puts them down.

Look at Columbine... That high school had two armed officers tell me how having them at that school thwarted the two young individuals who carried out that crime... tell me how they were able to save lives... tell me how anyone could. It's a pipe dream to think you have the jump on a mass shooter when in fact the only person who knows what is about the happen is the shooter. They will always have the upper hand. The only way to limit their carnage is to limit their fire power. I'm not saying to ban all guns... to do so would be very problematic. however the NRA seems to believe that just because a "good" person with a gun on the scene automatically counters the "Bad" person... which is utterly stupid. What I'm saying is ban all guns intended for battlefields, and keep legal the guns intended for hunting and self defense. Not one person can tell me there is a legal purpose for a AK-47 or AR-15... if you can not defend you home and family with a 12 gauge shotgun or small caliber handgun you are out of luck already...


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