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Get Out Of La La Land

Here we go again! I really think you should have some knowledge about the subject matter before commenting. So you think banning hi-cap mags and ar platforms would solve the problem. You can shoot a 40 or 45 cal. semi auto pistol with 10 to 13 rounds per magazine. You can have 7 magazines totaling 70 to 91 rounds. You can change a mag out in 1/2 a second with practice. Do you see where I am going with this? Do you remember what the gangs use to do in the old days. They would kill with pipes, chains, and knives. I have a AR-15 for my protection. Who are you to tell me I can't protect myself and family with this weapon. By the way, do you have any concept on what damage can be done with a hunting rifle or 12 gauge shotgun with 9 plus rounds? We are a nation of guns and will always be. Do you remember how America got started? A bunch of farmers with muskets fighting tyranny and oppression. If I have to say again "bad guys don't follow rules and laws" I will scream!! They will have their weapons so I shouldn't? Maybe we need to train and arm the schools. Put more law enforcement presence in schools. It has been proven that bad guys will steer clear from armed citizens. Work on mental health and awareness. If you start adding ridicules laws on guns we will wind up like Europe. Really? You want to be like Europe? Take the politics out, get out of La La land, and try using a little common sense.


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