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You need a strong dose of

You need a strong dose of that common sense. I'm not in LA LA Land... you are my friend. The problem is we live in a nation which allows its citizens access to own high caliber assault riffle's such as your beloved AR-15 with a muzzle which allows bullets at a rate of 3,000 ft per sec. you standard 9mm semi-automatic handgun is rated at 850 ft per sec. I'm a veteran I have fired these weapons I know what they are capable of doing, and unfortunately we have seen the carnage they leave behind when someone with ill intentions gets their hands on one. They should be banned!! Period. No civilian walking around breathing oxygen in the USA has zero legal need for such a weapon. They are designed for battlefields and thats where they belong. I understand your point concerning clips and how a trained person can change them out quickly, but your argument does not hold water... the shooter in Tucson, AZ was only attacked and stopped while he was changing clips... You see that action gives people a chance to run for it, or do something heroic and stop the individual. When a individual walks into a movie theatre with a 100 round drum attached to his AR-15 he is setup to take out everyone in the room without having to interrupt his mission with reloading... Can you not pull you head out of your *** long enough to realize these weapons should not be legal... Lastly, convicted felons don't carry out mass murder only young disenfranchised loners who have fallen in a pit of depression and rage carry out these acts, and they normally do it with weapons that come to them easy... When you can buy an AR-15 from Walmart we all lose... Walmart cashes more counterfeit checks than any other bank or business in America, and we trust these same individuals with determining who in eligible to purchase a firearm??? It's insanity that only .07% of gun applicants get denied... why even go through the hassle? Just let them purchase the gun if only 7 people out of 10 million will get rejected... You can't tell me that 99.93% of the population is mentally capable of being a responsible gun owner... you'll never win that argument... Lastly, The 2nd amendment is not what you claim it is.... you say it gives you the right to own whatever weapon you want... WRONG! The 2nd amendment states that we have a right to a well REGULATED militia, and with that an individual right to bear arms... now think of the time those words were written colonial days when we had not yet formed an Army... Citizens were allowed by regulations to own and possess firearms for protection in the case a foreign threat were to attack... WE HAVE AN ARMY NOW!!! Even if we all agree to allow people own hunting guns, and small caliber handguns for self defense based on the last portion of the 2nd amendment it still does not state that individuals have the right to own and possess an arsenal. I'll close with this I spent days/months/years perfecting the rules of engagement with a firearm. As much as you will disagree with me we should not arm principles, teachers, administrative personnel at schools with firearms... firstly they don't have time to be properly trained, secondly if you go 1 month after getting properly trained you will lose the training as it is a diminishing skill. So finding the time to keep up with their training in conjunction with doing their day job in impossible. Also if anyone goes to pull a weapon from a holster while the individual attacking already has their gun at the ready they will be shot before getting the gun from the holster. We can debate these issues all day... I have a mountain of evidence against your claim.


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